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What is Tiefling in D&D?

In Dungeons and Dragons, Tiefling names are usually belongs to human old form. The tiefling is a fictional humanoid race in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game.

Originally introduced in the Planescape campaign setting in the fifth edition (5e) of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, they became one of the primary races available for player characters in the fourth edition of the game.

Tiefling name are more related to demon and fiends.

They have human Shape but have horns, red skin and sharp teeth. They are called a fictional human race and they are as a roleplayer in the game and they are also a favorite player character.

They are showed with human and other species that make him different and demon look and when they breath, fire comes out from their mouth.

They also have big wings to go anywhere and fly smoothly and fastly ti catch the prey.

Tiefling names make a bad intention in the imaginary life.

Some tieflings are good and live a normal life but some are cruel and always attack like evil.

There are many tiefling who wanted to do good things but they can’t because their dark and devil tradition won’t allow them to do so.

Tiefling names are mostly seems like hellish and every tiefling name generator suggest you the bad one only some can ne found good.

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